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CraneTech Solutions supplies the highest quality port equipment, overhead cranes, and tower cranes. We sell, service, and inspect STINIS spreaders, overhead bridge cranes, JASO Tower Cranes, buck hoists, and construction elevators. Furthermore, we handle mast climbing work platforms, material lifts, pick and carry cranes, and carry deck cranes. Additionally, we provide tower crane rentals, hoist rentals, buck hoist rentals, material-only lift rentals, and construction elevator rentals. As a MAGNA lifting products dealer, we supply lever chain hoists, hand chain hoists, trolleys, beam clamps, and wire rope pullers. In our automation sector, supplied by Goetting KG, we include AGVs, wire guidance, transponder systems, laser scanning systems, optical guidance, as well as GPS and DGPS. Consequently, our diverse range of services ensures that we meet the varied needs of our clients. Cranes: Sell, service, and inspect – this is our commitment to quality and safety in every product we handle.


Stinis Spreaders

At CraneTech Solutions, we proudly offer STINIS Spreaders, renowned for their unmatched quality and reliability in the industry. Designed for efficiency and durability, these spreaders are the top choice for container handling and heavy lifting operations. Whether you need equipment for ports, terminals, or industrial applications, STINIS provides innovative solutions to meet your specific needs. By choosing STINIS, you ensure optimal performance and dependability.

JASO Tower Crane

CraneTech Solutions proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for Jaso cranes in the United States and its territories. As a result, customers have direct access to premier Jaso crane products and services through CTS. This partnership ensures top-tier quality and support for all Jaso crane needs. Consequently, clients benefit from superior products and exceptional service.


GOETTING KG stands as the leading supplier of guidance sensors and complete guidance systems for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and other driverless vehicles, including cranes, trucks, heavy lifting vehicles, and people movers. Additionally, GOETTING provides components and complete systems for automation, traffic control, data communication, HF measurement engineering, and general radio engineering. Therefore, clients can rely on GOETTING for comprehensive and innovative solutions in automation and guidance. As a result, our clients benefit from cutting-edge technology and reliable performance.


Overhead Cranes

We provide a wide variety of custom overhead crane installations, catering to various weight capacities. We offer a full range of services, including ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the installation. As a result, our clients benefit from reliable and long-lasting solutions. By choosing CTS, you ensure quality and dependability in every project.

Magna Lifting Products

As a MAGNA lifting products distributor, recertification, and repair center, we supply lever chain hoists, hand chain hoists, trolleys, beam clamps, and wire rope pullers. Additionally, our offerings ensure top-quality performance and durability. Therefore, clients can rely on us for all their lifting product needs. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance for all products.

MG Pick and Carry Cranes provide the ability to lift and move loads efficiently. These cranes are 100% electric and battery-operated, allowing for 8 hours of non-stop work. As a result, they are ideal for various industrial applications requiring reliable and eco-friendly performance. Additionally, their innovative design ensures operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Equipment Rentals

Find varieties in rental equipment to meet your job site’s vertical access needs. Specifically, we offer construction hoists, transport platforms, personnel manlifts, and tower cranes. Our turnkey rental services ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Therefore, contact us today to discuss your project needs and find the perfect solution. By partnering with CTS, you guarantee efficient and reliable vertical access solutions.