Electric Pick and Carry Cranes for the Glass and Glazing Market: Revolutionizing Material Handling

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The glass and glazing industry is a fast-growing market that requires efficient and reliable material handling solutions. One solution that has been making waves in the industry is electric pick-and-carry cranes. These cranes, a JMG MC25S for example, provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional cranes and other methods, making them an ideal choice for glass and glazing companies.

What are Electric Pick and Carry Cranes?

The JMG Electric pick and carry cranes are small, compact cranes that are designed for easy maneuverability and handling of delicate materials. They are powered by electric motors and do not require a separate power source or any kind of external support. This makes them ideal for use in indoor environments, where traditional cranes are not practical or feasible due to fumes.

Benefits of Using Electric Pick and Carry Cranes in the Glass and Glazing Market

  1. Increased Safety: One of the major benefits of using electric pick and carry cranes in the glass and glazing market is increased safety. These cranes are equipped with advanced safety features, such as overload protection, and have a lower risk of accidents compared to traditional cranes.  They also are able to make extremely finite movements for placing glass.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Electric pick-and-carry cranes are designed to be highly efficient, which means that they can handle materials faster and more accurately than traditional cranes and methods. This increased efficiency can help companies reduce labor costs and increase productivity. 
  3. Increased Flexibility: Increased flexibility is another major benefit of using electric pick-and-carry cranes in the glass and glazing market. These cranes are small and compact, which means that they can be used in tight spaces and narrow aisles. They can be loaded on the construction hoist/elevator and brought to any floor. This increased flexibility makes them ideal for use in the glass and glazing industry, where space is often limited.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Finally, electric pick and carry cranes are environmentally friendly, as they do not emit any harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases inside buildings. This makes them an ideal choice for glass and glazing companies that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and keep the work environment clean and safe for all workers.

Electric pick and carry cranes are a great solution for the glass, glazing, and curtain wall industries. They offer increased safety, improved efficiency, increased flexibility, reduced costs, and are environmentally friendly. If you are a glass and glazing company looking for a reliable and cost-effective material handling solution, consider investing in a JMG electric pick-and-carry crane.

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